Superfeet insoles work with the shoe to modify the load your body experiences. By cradling your heels and hugging your arches, Superfeet insoles can increase the total contact surface area under the foot, changing the amount of force applied to any specific area of the foot.

Superfeet Image

Clinically proven to increase comfort, minimize repetitive stress and prevent injuries, the proprietary Superfeet shape cradles your heels and hugs your arches to deliver just the right amount of targeted support.


  • 84%
    Improvement with back pain
  • 70%
    Improvement with knee pain
  • 80%
    Improvement with foot pain
  • 75%
    Improvement with overall body pain and discomfort

Work Cushion Insoles

NEW Superfeet anti-fatigue insoles with flexible, cushioned support engineered for everything from safety toe work boot to slim-fitting work shoes.

Work Insole Work Slim Insole
SF Shape
SF Sole
Sculpted For Comfort & Pain Relief

The contoured silhouette cradles your heels and hugs your arches, providing relief for tired, aching feet.

SF Layers
Naturally Supportive

Enhances the way your feet are intended to move, dispersing impact and decreasing stress and strain on your body.

SF Top
An Energizing Foundation

Like the perfect mattress, extra supportive to keep your feet fresh from the moment you slip into your shoes until the day is done.


Sparked by the simple idea that people deserve something better, Superfeet started in 1977 as the Sports Medicine Division of Northwest Podiatric Laboratory. The proprietary Superfeet shape helps your feet move the way they're supposed to, adapting the flat surface inside your shoes to the contours of your feet for life-changing comfort, unmatched support and enhanced performance.