When the common benefits of multiple things come together to produce Greater Than results. Address an ailment with multiple products and you get a compounded solution.


Compression Socks Benefits + Custom Orthotics Benefits + Boot Construction Benefits

Pain Relief Plantar Fasciitis
Fatigue Reduction Achilles Tendonitis
Increased Performance Arch / Heel / Back / Knee / Ankle Pain
Foot Support Shin Splints
Cushioned Comfort Metatarsalgia
Reduced MSDs & RSIs Diabetes

3 Steps of Building A Strong Foundation of Work Safety & Employee Wellness

Healthy employees are the foundation of a successful company. Feet are the foundation of the body. Keep your crew's feet healthy and you help keep their body fit to be productive, dependable, helpful and positive.

Step 1: Compression Socks

OS1ST Logo Sock Zones Sock Zones Animation

HOW: Physical Benefits to Employee

Increased performance

Improved morale

Increased blood flow back to the heart for less fatigue / more energy

Prevents and reduces swelling from all-day standing

Relieves muscle pain and pressure

Foot and ankle support/structure

Prevents lactic acid buildup that causes fatigue and heaviness

Reduced chance of blood clots from all-day sitting

WHY: OS1st - Socks With A Purpose

Quality Construction

Graduated Compression Zone Technology

FDA Class 1 Medical Device

Right and Left specific to create that perfect fit

200 needle construction - higher than anyone in the industry - allows for padding without bulky thick sock

Seamless construction blister protection

Moisture-wicking to deter sweat and infection

Y-gore heel creates a pocket for your heel to prevent sock-slip

Step 2: Custom Orthotics

HOW: Physical Benefits to Employee

Corrective Support - Construction elements provide relief from Plantar Fasciitis, heel pain, ball of foot pain, fallen arches and more

Preventative Support - Correct arch placement for proper body alignment prevents knee, hip and lower back pain

Cushioned Support - Quality materials absorb shock and provide comfort to prevent knee and back pain

WHY: Aetrex

Anatomically placed Aetrex Signature Arch Support

Cupped Heel / Posted Heel

AeroCell / Pro-Shox / Met pad

Step 3: Proper Safety Footwear

HOW: Physical Benefits to Employee

Right size prevents blisters that cause open wounds for infection or pressure constriction that reduces blood flow causing fatigue and blood clots

Proper features to prevent or address ailments

Comfort footbeds - built in cushion for shock absorption and less fatigue

Shanks - extra arch support

Linings and upper materials - breathable and moisture-wicking to keep feet dry and prevent infection

Heel counter - extra support keeps heel from slipping and rubbing for greater stability

Protective Toe Box - Wider options provide wiggle room for swelling feet to prevent constriction, pinching and blisters

Lacing system - to adjust to or accommodate specific issues

WHY: Our selection of brands

With over 75 brands we offer every style and type of safety and comfort feature on the market to fit any employee need

Increases productivity Increases productivity
Increases employee energy Increases energy
Prevents pain and distraction errors Prevents and decreases pain
Decreases lost-time off Decreases physical and mental occupational stress
Decreases overtime expense Decreases lost wages from time of for doctor visits, healing and rest
Decreases worker's comp claims for full body issues Decreases lost days for doctor's visits and PT
Increases morale Decreases paperwork for claims, forms and accident reports
Removes costly anti-fatigue mat tripping hazards Increases morale
Decreases insurance premiums Provides better quality of life
Reduces Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) Reduces MSDs
Reduces Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSIs) Reduces Wear & Tear Injuries

If you think of any other questions you may have with our payment options please feel free to reach out to us so one of our safety footwear program experts can assist you.