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One of the unique advantages of a Lehigh CustomFit program is an on-site Fitting Event. We bring in our innovative Aetrex 3D foot scanner to service your employees with a personal one-on-one assessment to provide accurate fitting footwear and wellness solutions.

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CustomFit People
150+ Employees In Facility
Able To Accomodate Employee Time
75+ Event Attendance
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Get started on the right foot

When work boots fit right, the whole work day goes right. Bringing in our 3D foot scanner to measure each employee for their perfect fitting footwear and orthotic will not only improve your company morale with a cool competitive wellness benefit, it will increase your overall work productivity, decrease time called off to heel and the need for overtime expense.

Workers knowing their best-fitting size can be a challenge. Even if they have bought work boots before, they may have never been accurately measured to know their true size. A large number of workers unknowingly wear a shoe size that is too big to accommodate a wide foot. That can cause serious issues and causation pain throughout the entire body. Solve it with a Fitting Event.

At The Event, Employees

  • Get a 20-second 3D Foot Scan to know true size and width for data-driven best-fit recommendation + custom orthotic and compression sock solution
  • Talk to an Expert Fit Specialist
  • Preview Top-Selling Products from your online catalog
  • Quickly Order on laptop or phone

Benefits To You

  • Most Accurate Fit Footwear - the most accurate way to measure feet provides the most accurate way to fit footwear - better than actually trying it on. When safety footwear fits right, employees perform right with less fatigue, less pain and less agitation
  • Provides Prevention & Relief - accurate fit + recommended wellness products help employees stay comfortably energetic throughout the day and ready to return next shift
  • Increases Program Participation & Compliance - focused event sets aside time to learn and properly order same day
  • Improves Safety Work Culture & Retention - employees feel empowered to control their foot health for better work performance