Get started on the right foot

Sometimes it's not enough to see a boot on a webpage. Many employees find it's easier to handle a physical sample before making their safety footwear decision, and for this reason, we offer hollistic fitting events for qualifying facilities. At these events, your employees can learn about their safety footwear from our expert team and see a sample of the footwear selection on the website. We also bring kiosks to the event for quick and easy ordering.

In addition, we bring our Aetrex 3D Foot Scanner, a device which can accurately capture individual foot details like arch height, pressure points, and pronation to better help your employees understand proper foot care and choose a proper orthotic or footwear solution to keep them safe, healthy and on the job.

CustomFit People
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150+ Employees In Facility
Able To Accomodate Employee Time
75+ Event Attendance
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Let our safety footwear experts help you

CustomFit fitting events are an innovative approach to doing business in a digital age. Our safety footwear experts are ready to help your business and employees order great footwear right from the comfort of your own facility.

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Benefits To You

  • Employees gain safety footwear knowledge
  • Increases program participation
  • Promotes safety in the workplace
  • Advanced Aetrex 3D foot scanner identifies potential foot/body ailments
  • Reduces returns
  • On-site access to safety footwear experts

Benefits To Us

  • Better understanding of your work environment
  • Chance to showcase new and best footwear
  • Deeper engagement with employee needs and concerns
  • Offers valuable feedback on how to improve service and selection

Think your facility qualifies for a Lehigh CustomFit Fitting Event? Contact one of our representatives today to find out how an event could save your company time and money.