• What exactly is CustomFit?

    Good question! Getting custom fit may conjure up an image of going to the gym, and although it has nothing to do with getting physically fit, it does have everything to do with making sure your safety footwear program is as efficient as it can be, and that means taking it off of your plate. After seeing much frustration and unnecessary headaches in the accounts we were serving with shoe trucks, we chose to listen to what they needed and developed an online solution we call CustomFit because it allows us to customize your program to specifically fit your needs. Check out the many services we provide.

  • How much will I save by using CustomFit?

    The bottom line is, well, the bottom line, right? CustomFit was developed to fill in the many gaps we were seeing in the safety footwear program business and in the end saving you money was one of the main benefits of the online service. Depending on your current occupational footwear program, your company can realize anywhere from 25%-40% in savings.

  • Isn't it easier for a truck to fit multiple employees?

    It's actually a lot easier and time-saving to provide all of your employees 24/7 online access to buying their safety footwear. That means no truck lines of employees waiting in cold or rainy weather to try on a limited selection in a tiny cramped area one at a time when they could be working. A shoe truck is not an efficient or profitable solution for either of us - that's why we created CustomFit.

  • Since employees are buying online and can't try the shoes on before ordering, how do I make sure they get the best fit?

    Lehigh CustomFit is always a step ahead when it comes to making sure your employees get the best fitting work boot - because we know just how valuable it is to their full body health and work performance.

    We schedule on-site Fitting Events at your facility location with a 3D Foot Scanner named Albert. Albert provides precise personal measurements that your employees can access on your dedicated ordering website to order from highly ranked top-fitting style recommendations. These accurate recommendations come from comparing their data to 10s of millions of other 3D foot scans with mountains of manufacturing design data and even bigger mountains of consumer feedback data about how boots fit. Utilizing this technology makes recommending the best fitting boot to buy or order as accurate as it has ever been - even more than trying them on in the store and walking around for 5 minutes.

    If your company has not had one of our Fitting Events for foot scanning, we also offer True Fit on all of our websites. After a couple questions, True Fit will recommend a best fitting shoe based on a brand already in your closet and you absolutely love because it fits so well.

  • With so many different brands, what is your warranty?

    Lehigh CustomFit warranties all protective toe products against manufacturer defect for one year (365 days) from the date of purchase when used under normal conditions for the purpose intended. See more details here.

  • I am an employee, what is my CustomFit password?

    In most cases, your password will be your Customer Number or Employee ID. If you have any problems logging in, please contact our Customer Service team.

  • I am an employee and I forgot how to log into my company account website.

    We encourage all website users to first ask their managers for their website address. You can also email our Customer Service team with the following information: Your Name, Employer's Name, Employee ID and the city/state of your work location.