CustomFit Launches True Fit

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“ As a continuous and proven leader in the industry of managed safety footwear programs, Lehigh CustomFit is always looking to introduce innovative technology and services that help our customers and their employees. ”

True Fit is a data-driven personalization platform that aligns footwear and apparel manufacturing design data with millions of consumers order data to recommend the best fitting size of chosen product for each individual user. It has mainly been utilized by fashion retailers... until now.

We immediately recognized how the value of True Fit's collected footwear data could be vital to us, our accounts and their employees. By ensuring each and every employee orders the right size work boot the first time, we can reduce size-related returns, build consumer confidence in workers who struggle with buying footwear online, and therefore build brand trust.

We are proud to be the first safety footwear program to offer the True Fit service and we know our accounts will be reassured by this leading step forward that we not only listen to what they need, we listen to what they might not even know they need. That is how and why we are truly CustomFit.

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Janelle Kinnaird

Janelle is the Director of Marketing for Lehigh CustomFit Managed Safety Footwear and Wellness Programs which is celebrating 100 years of providing innovative solutions.