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“ Feet are the foundation of the body. Making sure required safety footwear fits women properly is essential to their positive physical health, enabling optimum job performance and acknowledging their valuable contribution. ”

Women currently make up nearly 30% of the manufacturing workforce and nearly 11% of the construction workforce. Traditionally women's options of work boots were to wear a man's boot 2 sizes smaller. That's not a good fit.

Studies have shown that female feet are not simply scaled-down versions of male feet but differ in shape - particularly at the arch, the lateral side of the foot, the first toe, and the ball of the foot. Men's shoes are usually wider for the same length and Women's shoes have more wiggle room in the forefoot and toe area but are narrower in the heel. Because women naturally have wider hips than men, the angle that their foot strikes the ground is different so different support in the arch area is needed.

Fortunately, many safety footwear manufactures and brands choose to legitimize the rising contribution of women in the manual labor force by designing and constructing footwear on a women's last - the form used to define the shape of the shoe. However, all brands do not use the same last, which means every brand can fit different.

The Power of The Perfect Fit

Cinderella could tell you the right fitting shoe resulted in finding her prince. Any woman will tell you the right fitting work shoe results in no pain, more energy and productivity and less recovery from a long hard shift - which just might feel the same as becoming a princess.

Finding The Perfect Fit

The greatest selection of women's work shoes is found online as retail stores don't typically carry a huge stock of women's styles and sizes. But finding the right fit can be difficult if you can't try it on.

As the leading online supplier of safety footwear, Lehigh CustomFit offers the solution of Aetrex 3D foot scan technology to prove a better fit - even better than actually trying it on in a store.

With up to 20 points of individual foot data like degree of pronation, weight distribution, pressure points, exact length, width, instep and arch height, girth of midfoot, and more, Lehigh can recommend the perfect fitting work shoe for any women's foot.

Selection Matters

Whether a woman likes to buy different work shoe styles and colors to match her day, or she's just wanting to find that one perfect fit, selection to choose from is critical. The greater the selection, the more best-fitting styles the 3D scan measurements can recommend.

Lehigh CustomFit offers over 35 protective toe brands and over 50 total work footwear brands that offer styles specifically built for a woman's foot. We also offer seek to add women-exclusive brands born out of the need to fill a style gap beyond the traditional work boot and rugged athletic styles to ones with more refined lines and colors that demonstrate feminine power without the heavy bulk.

While more and more women step into the industrial workforce, Lehigh CustomFit supports that step by offering the best fitting stylish work boots available on the market.

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